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Leaders in Optical Measurement Technology for 40 years

Since 1979, Photon Kinetics has been a leading supplier of high performance, high productivity test and fiber handling solutions to the optical fiber communications industry:

For optical fiber, cable and component manufacturers, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of high performance testing solutions available, ranging from optical fiber preform analyzers to automated test systems that characterize fiber dimensional characteristics and the key transmission properties of both fibers and fiber-based passive components. Photon Kinetics also provides innovative fiber preparation and temporary alignment products designed specifically for reducing fiber handling costs in the manufacturing environment.

For manufacturers of fiber optic components and sub-assemblies such as laser diodes and optical amplifiers, Photon Kinetics supplies the industry standard in cleaving technology. Our ultrasonic, flat and angled fiber cleavers enable manufacturers of these products to obtain the highest performance optical terminations and splices.

For the manufacturers of optical network monitoring systems, we offer our high performance measurement expertise in the form of OEM OTDR modules. These OEM modules provide high performance measurement technology in the most cost effective package possible. When integrated into network monitoring systems, these modules enable the highest product performance.

Quality Commitment

Photon Kinetics is dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer and regulatory requirements with the best possible test and measurement solutions. This is done through delivering products and services on time using an outstanding and continually improving quality system. This quality system is periodically reviewed by management to assure it is suitable, adequate and effective.

Environmental Commitment

Photon Kinetics' impact on the environment is modest. Photon Kinetics' activities are either very light industry or pure service. Production of high-tech software-based products and/or services presents little or no risk of pollution.

Photon Kinetics has decided to adopt a broad definition of environmental control, the environmental policy will as such cover both the indoor environment – the safety and well-being of our employees – and the environment in the usual sense of the purchasing, production, sale, use, and disposal of products.

The environmental policy is based upon a number of principles:
  • Work for sustainable development and to continually improve itself on the environmental and energy conservation front.
  • Always comply with local law and regulations. If possible and relevant, do better than required.
  • Include cleaner technology in the development of new products and take environmental considerations into account in purchasing, production, use, disposal, and recycling of products.
  • Utilize standardized engineering practices with the goal of improving processes and products in the long term.
  • Strive to obtain and maintain environmental certification where relevant.
  • Make relevant parties aware of its environmental policy and make environmental awareness a part of everyday life.

For example, Photon Kinetics source-separates recyclable waste from its production facility and delivers batteries, mixed metals and printed circuit boards to a special facility for recycling or destruction that complies with all local regulations.

Photon Kinetics maintains covered facilities for its recycling program to help protect the local water shed from the effects of runoff associated with its recycling activities.

Photon Kinetics supports and currently complies with the mandated global phase out of target solvents. We have long since replaced Hazardous Air Pollutants with environmentally friendly products by changing production processes or product to make HAP solvents unnecessary.

Photon Kinetics has committed itself to a continual process of improvement, to solving environmental problems and to fully comply with all applicable regulations.

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