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1000 OTDR Automation System

A complete solution for maximizing the efficiency of finished cable testing

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The 1000 OASYS OTDR Automation System is a complete test station for optical fiber cables that is capable of testing over 1000 fibers in an 8 hour shift (bi-directional, 3 wavelengths). The system is comprised of the 8000 OTDR, the fastest, most accurate OTDR for cable testing, the 1001-MFH Multiple Fiber Handler, which provides automated, highly reliable temporary coupling of the cable's fibers to the 8000, and the OTDR Automation Software that leverages the unparalleled performance of these two products by giving the user the ability to control every aspect of the testing process via an intuitive, network- compatible interface. The 1000 OTDR Automation System minimizes the time associated with virtually every aspect of the testing process, making it the ideal solution for final QC testing of high fiber count loose tube or ribbon fiber cables.

Features and Benefits
High Performance OTDR Configurations Optimized for Cable Testing
  • High dynamic range reduces measurement time
  • High linearity and short deadzone ensure measurement accuracy
Low Loss/Reflectance Automated Fiber Handling
  • Minimizes fiber alignment time
  • Preserves OTDR dynamic range, decreases measurement time
Automated Test Sequences
  • Ensure testing accuracy and consistency
  • Free operator to perform other tasks, attend a second test station while 8 ribbons/tubes are being tested
Network Compatible Software
  • Seamlessly connects test station to factory information system for more efficient quality control

Total Measurement Time 1 < 60 seconds per fiber, typical
Test Station Output1 > 1000 fibers/8 hour shift, typical

1. Bi-directional, dual wavelength, including alignment time

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