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2550 Fiber Analysis System

High performance test platform for characterizing laser-optimized multimode fibers

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For over 25 years, Photon Kinetics' 2500 Fiber Analysis provided multi-parameter measurement capability for both single-mode and multimode fibers. The high performance next generation 2300 Fiber Analysis System not only replaced the 2500's spectral loss, core diameter, numerical aperture and mode field diameter capability with even higher performance measurements, but it is also capable of providing other critical fiber characterization including complete fiber geometry.

The 2550 Fiber Analysis System is the next generation replacement for the 2500's "high frequency" measurement capability. The 2550 not only provides high performance bandwidth and differential mode delay measurement capability, but it also offers multimode fiber manufacturers even greater flexibility in performing these measurements. The 2550 is available in bandwidth-only, combined bandwidth and differential mode delay using diode lasers, as well as ultra-high performance DMD-only configurations that employ solid-state, Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Features and Benefits

Configurable high frequency test capability
  • Allows manufacturers to obtain the specific bandwidth and/or DMD capability they require
Multiple options for single-mode launch differential mode delay
  • Standard resolution, diode laser-based configurations enable measurement of fiber lengths from 2.2 to 17.6 km
  • High resolution, Ti:Sapphire laser-based configurations for fiber lengths with ultra-low DMD (e.g. < 1 km)

System Configurations 1
High Resolution
  850 nm 1300 nm 850 nm 953 nm 850 nm 953 nm
  • 2550BD-21/11
    1. Custom wavelengths available.

    DMD Single-mode fiber launch
    Temporal response:
    < 100 ps FWQM (standard)
    < 35 ps FWQM (high resolution)
    Pulse Bandwidth Overfilled launch
    Frequency range 10-1500 MHz
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