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1050C Cable Aligner

Automated, high-speed fiber coupling maximizes test station output

The 1050C Cable Aligner employs an integrated system of mass fiber preparation tools and fiber holders to efficiently prepare either loose tube or ribbon fibers, comprised of either standard 250 µm or high density 200 µm coated fibers. Once prepared, up to 8 holders can be loaded onto a cassette which is then loaded onto the 1050C stage for alignment and testing. Spare cassettes allow the next set of tubes/ribbons to be prepared and staged while the previous cassette is being tested.

Like its 1001-MFH predecessor, the 1050C utilizes video profile alignment, the same technique employed by virtually all fusion splicers. However, the 1050C also offers the optional ability to use the OTDR to ensure minimal coupling loss. Combined with a patented method for index matching oil application, these capabilities enable the 1050C to quickly and automatically couple test fibers to an internal buffer fiber with both low coupling loss and low reflectance.

The 1050C is an essential component of a high volume, automated cable test system that also features an 8000 Production and Laboratory OTDR and the OTDR Automation Test Software.

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Features and Benefits
High Speed, Low Loss, Automated Fiber Couplings
  • Minimize overall measurement time
  • Enable simultaneous fiber preparation and measurement
Mass Fiber Preparation Tools
  • Minimize fiber stripping, cleaning and cleaving time
Interchangeable Fiber Holder Cassettes
  • Makes loading of up to 8 holders onto the handler a one-step process
  • Allows prepared holders to be loaded onto spare cassettes as measurements on current cassette are being performed
New Alignment Technology
  • Compatible with both 200 and 250 µm coated fibers, either loose tubes or ribbons
  • Option to use OTDR to ensure minimum coupling loss

  Guaranteed Typical
Coupling Loss 1 < 1 dB < 0.5 dB
Coupling Reflectance 1 < -40 dB < -50 dB

1. Standard single-mode fibers complying with EIA/TIA, IEC and ITU-T standards

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