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2440 Launch Analyzer

Automated analysis for laser, test equipment and launch cord manufacturers

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The 2440 Launch Analyzer is the first fully automated test system for characterizing the optical power distribution of the light produced by VCSEL laser sources, multimode fiber test equipment and launch cords utilized in multimode fiber links. Built on over 20 years of experience testing the transmission and geometric properties of muitimode fibers, the 2440 is the ideal solution for ensuring that source launches comply with applicable international component specifications and measurement standards. The 2440 can be configured for measurements in either or both the 850 and 1300 nm windows.

Features and Benefits
  • Interchangeable fiber/connector interfaces provide measurement flexbility
  • Fiber end inspection and auto-focus ensure quality and consistency
  • Optional dual wavelength configuration increase utility
  • Traceable calibration improves measurement precision

Model 2440-1 2440-2 2440-3
Measurements   Encircled Flux
Mode Transfer Function
Mode Power Distribution
Wavelength 850 ± 30 nm 1300 ± 30 nm 850 ±30 nm / 1300 ± 30 nm
Core Diameter   < 110 µm  
  < 0.4  
Internal LEDs   850 nm Inspection
850 nm Internal Overfilled Launch

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