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1100 Single Fiber Aligner

Fast, low loss temporary splices with no instrument feedback

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The 1100 Single Fiber Aligner uses patented fiber alignment concepts to produce virtually instantaneous temporary couplings for OTDR, dispersion, or any other optical fiber or component test that requires a fiber-to-fiber connection. It delivers low loss, low reflectance couplings on the first try virtually every time, without the need for test instrument feedback. As a result, temporary coupling times are minimized and manufacturing costs are reduced without compromising product quality.

Features and Benefits
High Speed Couplings
  • No instrument feedback required
  • Virtually eliminates instrument downtime
Low Loss and Reflectance
  • Maximizes instrument dynamic range and measurement accuracy
High Stability
  • Enables accurate OTDR-based measurement of mode field diameter

  Guaranteed Typical
Coupling Loss 1 < 1 dB < 0.5 dB
Coupling Reflectance 1 < -40 dB < -50 dB
Coupling Stability (40 seconds) < 0.03 dB < 0.01 dB
First Time Coupling Success 1 > 98%
Coupling Speed (including fiber prep) < 20 seconds

1. For standard single-mode fibers complying with EIA/TIA, IEC and ITU-T product specifications.

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