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2880 Fiber Analysis System

Next generation platform for dispersion, loss and length measurement of single-mode, multimode and specialty fibers

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The 2880 Fiber Analysis System is a factory-proven optical test platform that can be configured to perform fast, accurate and reliable characterization of several important single-mode and multimode optical fiber transmission parameters. These include: chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, spectral attenuation, fiber length, strain, transmitted power, bending loss and cable skew.

Multiple measurement capability makes the 2880 a versatile tool for both fiber and cable manufacturers.

Features and Benefits
Fastest Chromatic Dispersion Measurements
  • Minimize measurement time and expense
Configurable Optical Platform
  • Provides full spectral coverage from 1240 to 1650 nm with standard configuration
  • Allows customization of spectral range and width with special wavelength fixed source and tunable laser options
  • Add either interferometric or wavelength scanning PMD measurement options
  • Enables measurements on fibers over 200 km long with ultra-high dynamic range option
  • Measurement options for cable design qualification (single and multi-fiber strain, cable skew, macrobending loss)
PKSL Test Application
  • Provides menu-driven test definition with an easy to use graphic user interface, plus the ability to extensively customize test sequences

  2880C 2880C with 2880-TLS Option
Type Broadband w/ monochromator Tunable laser
Zero Dispersion Wavelength < 0.0065 nm < 0.003 (typical)
Slope at Lambda Zero < 0.05% < 0.025% (typical)
Chromatic Dispersion < 0.0006 ps/nm*km < 0.0003 ps/nm*km (typical)
Zero Dispersion Wavelength ± 0.2 nm ± 0.1 nm
Slope at Lambda Zero ± 1.5 % ± 1.5 %
Chromatic Dispersion ± 0.05 ps/nm*km or ± 1% of the
measured value, whichever is greater
± 0.01 ps/nm*km or ± 1% of the
measured value, whichever is greater

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