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Following is a listing of our products in alphanumeric order

1000 OTDR Automation System
Automated alignment of multiple fiber tubes or ribbons to an 8000 OTDR. Tool for increasing the productivity of cable testing to over 100 fibers per hour
1000i OTDR Automation System
A complete solution for maximizing the efficiency of testing of cable components
1001-MFH Multiple Fiber Handler
Dependable, high speed, fiber handling automation that maximizes testing output
1100 Single Fiber Aligner
Fast, low loss, high stability coupling of single fibers to a test instrument pigtail
1120 Bare Fiber Aligner
Instantaneous, low loss and low reflectance coupling of single fibers to test instrument pigtails
1200 Automated Fiber Handler
Fully automated fiber stripping, cleaving and coupling to a test instrument pigtail
2200 Series Optical Fiber Analysis Systems
Single-mode: spectral attenuation, cutoff wavelength, mode field diameter. Multimode: spectral attenuation, numerical aperture
2201 Far Field Scanner
High speed, high dynamic range mode field diameter, effective area and numerical aperture measurements
2300 Fiber Analysis System
Next generation measurement system available as a combined spectral loss and fiber geometry system or as a specialized spectral or geometry system. Measurement options include: mode field diameter/effective area, coating geometry and fiber curl. Other options available for spectral loss and geometry characterization of specialty fibers
2302 Coating Geometry System/Option
Next generation fiber coating diameter, non-circularity and concentricity measurement capability. Deployable as an add-on options for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as a standalone system
2311 Fiber Curl System/Option
Next generation fiber curl radius measurements. Deployable as an add-on option for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as a standalone system
2400 Fiber Geometry System
Single-mode and multimode fiber diameter, non-circularity and concentricity of coating layers
2400-CRL (2411) Fiber Curl Measurement Option
Add-on curl measurement capability for current owners of the 2400 Fiber Geometry System
2400-DFC (2402) Dark Field Coating Geometry Option
Add-on coating measurement capability for current owners of the 2400 Fiber Geometry System
2440 Launch Analyzer
Encircled flux, mode transfer function and mode power distribution of launches produced by multimode laser sources, test equipment and launch cords
2500 Fiber Analysis System
Multimode: bandwidth, differential mode delay, spectral attenuation, core diameter, numerical aperture Single-mode: spectral attenuation, cutoff wavelength, mode field diameter
2500 Plastic Optical Fiber Analysis System
Comprehensive characterization of next generation plastic optical fibers
2600 Plastic Optical Fiber Preform Analyzer
Fully automated characterization of plastic optical fiber preforms
2600 Preform Analyzer
Refractive index profile, preform diameter, concentricity and non-circularity, MFD and cutoff prediction Complete, automated characterization of silica preforms. Plastic preform configurations available
2610 Preform Analyzer
High performance, cell-based design. Refractive index profile, preform diameter, concentricity and non-circularity, MFD and cutoff prediction. Ideal for automated tomography of silica preforms
2800 Fiber Analysis System
Flexible testing platform configurable for chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, length, single- or multi-channel strain, cable/ribbon skew and bending loss. Exceptional measurement speed and dynamic range across a wide wavelength band
7600/8XX OEM OTDR Systems
OTDR modules complete with data acquisition hardware and software. Designed for a range of OTDR applications from in-process cable testing to Network Monitoring Systems
8000 Plastic Optical Fiber OTDR
High quality measurements in the shortest possible time
8000 Production and Laboratory OTDR
Attenuation, attenuation uniformity, length, event location, event loss and reflectance. High speed, high dynamic range and ultra-linear measurements at up to 8 wavelengths
8000i In-Process Test OTDR
The latest addition to the Photon Kinetics OTDR family. A high performance yet cost effective solution for testing fibers, ribbons/tubes and other cable components
EnvirOTDR Fiber, Cable and Component Qualification System
High precision change in optical loss test system for fibers, cables and components. Comprehensive test automation software including test scheduling, control of optional optical switches, test rig/chamber data recording
FK11 Fiber Optic Cleaver
Ideally suited for high strength splicing as well as cleaving of large diameter and specialty fibers
FK12 Fiber Optic Angled Cleaver
Produces low reflectance angled end faces for active component pig tailing, low reflectance terminations OTDR Automation Software
The Most Effective Solution for Maximizing OTDR Cable Testing Productivity
P104 Preform Analyzer
Refractive index profile measurement with high thermal stability. Ideal laboratory instrument, well suited to measurement of VAD preforms
S14 Refractive Index Profiler
Fiber refractive index profile. Essential tool for fiber research and development
S14 Refractive Index Profiler for Plastic Optical Fibers
An essential diagnostic tool for researchers and manufacturers
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