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Component Test Products

1120 Bare Fiber Aligner
Low loss, low reflectance coupling of single fibers to test instrument pigtails for both field and factory test applications
2300 Fiber Analysis System
Combined spectral loss and fiber geometry test system with options for MFD/effective area, numerical aperture, coating geometry and fiber curl. Spectral loss, geometry and specialty fiber configurations also available
2440 Launch Analyzer
Encircled flux, mode transfer function and mode power distribution of launches produced by multimode laser sources, test equipment and launch cords
EnvirOTDR Fiber, Cable and Component Qualification System
Comprehensive system for ultra-high precision measurement of change in optical loss for environmental or mechanical testing of fibers, cables or fiber optic components
FK11 Fiber Cleaver
Ultrasonic fiber cleaver designed to produce high quality, flat fiber end faces for applications such as high strength fiber splicing. Configurations available for cleaving large diameter and other specialty fibers.
FK12 Angled Fiber Cleaver
Ultrasonic fiber cleaver capable of producing flat, angled fiber end faces for applications such as active component pigtailing and low reflectance fiber termination
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