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Cable Test Products

1050C Cable Aligner
Automated, low loss and reflectance coupling of loose tube and ribbon cable fibers to a buffer fiber for cable final QC OTDR testing. Includes mass fiber stripping and cleaving tools
1100 Single Fiber Aligner
Instantaneous, low loss, low reflectance coupling of single fibers to a buffer fiber with the exceptional loss stability required for OTDR-based MFD measurements in fiber production
1120 Bare Fiber Aligner
Low loss, low reflectance coupling of single fibers to test instrument pigtails for both field and factory test applications
2300 Fiber Analysis System
Combined spectral loss and fiber geometry test system with options for MFD/effective area, numerical aperture, coating geometry and fiber curl. Spectral loss, geometry and specialty fiber configurations also available
2302 Coating Geometry System
Fiber coating diameter, non-circularity and concentricity measurement capability deployable as an option for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as a standalone system
2311 Fiber Curl System
Fiber curl radius measurement capability deployable as an option for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as a standalone system
2314 Far Field Scanner System
High-speed, high dynamic range far field scanning system for MFD, effective area or numerical aperture measurements. Also available as an option to the 2300 Fiber Analysis System for multimode numerical aperture
2550 Fiber Analysis System
Configurable, high performance bandwidth/differential mode delay system with ability to perform 850 and 1300 nm bandwidth and DMD with either standard (diode laser) or high (Ti:Sapphire laser) resolution at 850 and/or 953 nm
2880 Fiber Analysis System
Highly configurable test platform for chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, strain, attenuation, skew and bending loss measurements with unsurpassed speed, dynamic range and wavelength range
8000 Production and Laboratory OTDR
High speed, high dynamic range and ultra-linear OTDR measurement capability for attenuation, attenuation uniformity, event location/loss/reflectance and fiber length for up to 8 standard and/or custom wavelengths
8000i Station
Cost effective, compact OTDR measurement capability specifically designed for in-process testing of cable components such as individual fibers, ribbons and loose tubes
EnvirOTDR Fiber, Cable and Component Qualification System
Comprehensive system for ultra-high precision measurement of change in optical loss for environmental or mechanical testing of fibers, cables or fiber optic components OTDR Automation Software
Solution for maximizing productivity of in-process and final QC OTDR testing of optical fiber cables. Compatible with all PK fiber aligners including the 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner and 1050C Cable Aligner
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