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Plastic Optical Fiber Test

2300 Fiber Analysis System
Combined spectral loss and fiber geometry test system with options for MFD/effective area, numerical aperture, coating geometry and fiber curl. Spectral loss, geometry and specialty fiber configurations also available
2314 Far Field Scanner System
High-speed, high dynamic range far field scanning system for numerical aperture measurements. Also available as an option to the 2300 Fiber Analysis System to provide multimode numerical aperture capability
2650 Preform Analyzer
Characterization of refractive index profile, preform diameter, concentricity and non-circularity for plastic optical fiber preforms
8000 Production and Laboratory OTDR
High performance OTDR measurement capability for manufacturers of plastic optical fibers at a range of standard and custom wavelengths
S14 Refractive Index Profiler
An essential tool for plastic optical fiber research, design and manufacturing
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